We specialize in Law Enforcement training. Security/Person Body guard service Risk Assessment consultation. Seminars, Competitive conditioning. Stress Management. Bully-Proofing your child. Free Rape prevention courses. From Iron Palm training to Cardio Kung-Fu, we've got the whole family covered.

Benefits of Wing Chun Training

- Enhances physical and the emotional control

- Increases confidence and well being

- Increases assertiveness skills and reflexes

- Improves health through physical exercise, breathing and body movement

- Promotes comradeship

- Suitable for all ages and abilities

- Reduces stress

- Promotes good posture and stability

- Promotes mobility and flexibility at any age.....

- What you put into the art, you shall receive tenfold....

How Wing Chun can deeply impact your life.

* Aside from physical activity, (which we could all use more of...) Wing Chun,  although a gentle art, is practical and deadly in the right hands.
* Situation Awareness
* Self Awareness & Misplaced Ego
* Body Language
* Avoidance, Prevention & Escape
* Verbal Confrontation
* Physical Boundary and Personal Space
* Common Law, Your Rights and your Opponents!
* Mugging and Robbery
* Sexual Assault: Every person should have the opportunity to feel a little more in control of their own safety. One cannot guarantee that a depraved mind will not make someone a victim of their warped mind, but, you can reduce the chance of it being you. As selfish as this sounds it is the most realistic option.

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