The Wing Chun Pledge

I believe constant practicing of the art of Traditional Wing Chun will enable me to transcend to a higher mental and physical level.
I shall show respect for the art, Grandmaster Cheung, My Sifu, Sihings and Sideis.
I shall employ my utmost tolerance and consideration when dealing with people and general matters in and outside the Academy.

Principles of Wing Chun

1. Protect the center line.

2. Train to use two arms at the same time.

3. Avoid fighting force with force.

4. Watch the elbow.

5. Uses linear striking action.

6. Uses pressure points to make striking techniques more effective.

7. All exercises are linked with the development of internal energy (Chi.)

Benefits of Wing Chun

1. Improves self disipline.

2. Improves self confidence.

3. Improves self esteem.

4. Improves respect for others.

5. Improves reflexes and coordination.

6. Improves eye focusing.

7. Improves contact reflexes (Chi Sao.)

8. Improves speed and power.


Ng Mui
One of 5 Shaolin elders
(Founder of Wing Chun Kung Fu)
Yim Wing-Chun
Female deciple of Ng Mui
(Systen named after her)
Leung Bok-Chao
Salt merchant, husband of Yim Wing-Chun
Leung Lan-Kwai
Poler for Red boat opera
Wong Wah-Bo, Leung Yee-Tai
Red boat opera members
Jee Shim
Former Shaolin Abbot hiding as Red boat cook
(introduced Dragon pole form)
Dr. Leung Jan
Disciple of both Wong Wah-Bo and Leung Yee-Tai
Leung Bik
Chan Wah-Shun (Son of Dr. Leung Jan)
Yip Man
Disciple of Chan Wah-Shun and Leung Bik
Cheung Chuk-Hing (William Cheung)
Disciple of Yip Man, Grand master of Wing Chun
Sifu Chris Serras
Disciple of William Cheung


Sifu - Master
Si-Fu - Paternal teacher, Kung Fu father, Mentor
Si-Gung - Teacher of Si-Fu, Kung Fu grandfather (William Cheung)
Si-Jo - Teacher of Si-Gung, Kung Fu great grandfather (Yip Man)
Si-Mo - Wife of Si-Fu
Si-Bak - Elder Kung Fu brother, Senior uncle
Si-Bak-Gung - Elder Kung Fu brother of Si-Gung
Si-Sok - Junior Kung Fu brother of Si-Fu
Si-Sok-Gung - Junior Kung Fu brother of Si-Gung
Si-Hing - Elder Kung Fu brother
Si-Je - Elder Kung Fu sister
Si-Dei - Junior Kung Fu brother
Si-Mui - Junior Kung Fu sister
Si-Juk - Kung Fu nephew, Student of Si-Hing
Si-Jet - Kung Fu cousin, Student of Si-Bak

Bil Jee - Thrusting fingers
Bil Sao - Thrusting hand / arm
Bang Sao - Wing arm
Chi Gerk - Sticking legs
Chi Kwon - Sticking pole
Chi Sao - Sticking arms / hands
Chun Sao - Rising arm block
Dai Geung - Reverse palm strike
Dim Mak - Death touch
Fook Sao - Bridge arm
Fut Sao - Swinging arm / Buddha hand
Garn Sao - Tan & Bon deflection block
Geung - Palm strike
Gum Sao - Pinned hand
Huen Bo - Circling step
Huen Bo - Circling leg
Heun Sao - Circling hand
Jut Sao - Jerk / stop hand
Kan sao - Splitting block
Kuen - Fist punch
Kwon Sao - Rotating arms
Lan Sao - Bar arm
Lap Sao - Grasping hand
Lap Da - Grab-hit
Lao Sao - Scooping arm
Pak Da - Slap hit
Pak Sao - Slapping block
Po Pai Geung - Double palm strike
Tan Sao - Palm up block / Spreading arm
Tarn Sao - Lifting arm
Wu Sao - Protecting arm
Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma - Goat pinching stance

Shil Lum Tao - Little idea form
Chum Kil - Bridge seeking form
Bil Gee - Thrusting fingers form
Look Dim Boon Kwon - Six and a half strike dragon pole form
Bart Jarm Dao - Eight slash butterfly sword for
Muk Yan Jong - One hundred eight movement wooden dummy form

Additional vocabulary:
Lap Ching - At attention
Jeun Bai - Ready
Jueng Geung - Attack
Hai - Yes
Mg Goi - Sorry
Door Jeh - Thank you
Jo on - Good morning
Marn On - Good night
Ng On - Good afternoon
Kwoon - School
Dit Da Jow - Fall & hit wine (brushing liniment)
Hong Bao - Red packet (Envelope) Money gift of appreciation
Wing Chun - Eternal spirit, Praise spring, Hope for the future
Ng Mui - Five plums Shaolin nun, Creator of Wing Chun
Yim Wing Chun - Female desciple of Ng Mui

1. Yut
2. Yee
3. Sarm
4. Say
5. Ng
6. Look
7. Chut
8. Bart
9. Gou
10. Sub
11. Sub Yut
12. Sub Yee
13. Sub Sarm
14. Sub Say
15. Sub Ng
16. Sub look
17. Sub Chut
18. Sub Bart
19. Sub Gou
20. Yee Sub

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